Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time, or lack thereof...

You know, I'm planning on taking off 2.5 days next week. I'm taking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning off for vacation. (We closed Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.) So, in essence, I have all week off.

But, it's not enough time off for everything I want to accomplish. Here's my list...

  1. Go deer hunting.
  2. Go Christmas shopping with Mom--before Thanksgiving.
  3. Put up our Christmas decorations.
  4. Get the chicken brooder ready.
  5. Clean the house really well.
  6. Move the Hoosier into the dining room, move the old Armoir into the bedroom, move the dresser from the bedroom into the garage till we can get it to Bob and Kim. (Which means they all have to be emptied and then re-loaded with...stuff...)
  7. Get Steve's "inheritance" that we've got in the garage to his house and out of my way.
  8. Go to Colo Springs and spend 3-4 days with our family out there...
  9. Spend Saturday--this coming Saturday at the Berends Thanksgiving.
  10. Cook items to take to the Berends thanksgiving.
  11. Take Miss Kat to see Twilight.
  12. Buy Andy some dress clothes for his Basketball games.

It's too much! I can't get it all done. So, here's what I think will actually get done:

  1. Cook...something for the Berends Thanksgiving.
  2. Attend the Berends Thanksgiving.
  3. Take Miss Kat to see Twilight.
  4. Buy Andy's clothes.
  5. Clean the house.
  6. Go to Colo Springs.

If I'm lucky, I'll get to go shopping with Mom. We used to do this years ago--before I had children. Mom, Sandy and I went somewhere together before Thanksgiving. We'd spend the night in a hotel, and shop. We'd get all our Christmas shopping done in one day. We haven't done that since right after Andy was born. I took him along when he was a baby. Big mistake. I haven't gotten to do it since then.

If I'm really lucky, I'll get to do all the above and hunt too.

If I'm really, really lucky, I'll get to do all of the above and move around my furniture. Which will allow me to put up the Christmas decorations.

If I'm really, really, really lucky, then Steve will be able to haul his crap...I mean inheritance...home.

If I'm super lucky, then it will all happen.

But, I'm not counting on it.

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