Wednesday, November 05, 2008

playin chicken

Andy just called and gave me the bad news.

2 more of our chickens have committed suicide. They are crafty buggers. Instead of doing-themselves-in, they had the dogs do it.

Yep, the marched into the dog pen and dared the dogs to end their miserable existence. So, the dogs, being dogs, did just that.

You'd think that the chickens would have long ago realized that to go into the dog pen is asking for certain death.

Maybe they weren't suicidal...maybe they were just playing...


Maybe they were daring each other to go into the dog pen. If a dog caught you, well, oops. You lose. But if you escaped, you were a winner... Can't you just see a gang (well, flock) of chickens marching up to the pen, "egging" each other on, daring each other to go into the pen...

Stupid birds.

I started out with 27 chickens. I now have five until someone decides to play chicken with the dogs again.

Stupid birds.

Note: it's not 20 minutes later, and he found another one. I have 3 hens and one rooster. stupid chickens.

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agent713 said...

LOL Stupid chickens is right. I love how you wrote this though :)