Thursday, November 13, 2008

My end of the conversation

Why are you crying?

What's my fault?

I didn't know the store would run out of those shoes.

I am not coming home to get you and bring you back to town.

Calm down. It's just shoes.

You do to have something nice to wear tomorrow.

Well, wear your flats.

Yes they do fit.

Oh, OK, maybe they don't.

What did Daddy say?

Honey, calm down.

Ok babe, calm down.

Kat. This is ridiculous! It's just shoes!

Kat. stop.

I will run to the store and pick up a pair of black boots.

Yes, some you can wear with pants or a dress.

I know, no heels.

Ok. Now stop crying.

I'll see you at home soon.

Ok. I love you too.


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