Friday, January 09, 2009


If you read through my book list, and then read the comments, you'd fine one from Heidi asking how I kept track of all my titles. And you'd see a reply.

Guess what. I forgot one! While I was labeling all 300 of my posts (after deleting 3), I found a post where I reviewed a book titled People of the Book. It wasn't on my list!

So much for being accurate! sheesh.

I'm going to add it to my "real" list now.


Shhhh! This is a secret.

This morning, I got a phone call from the school. My first thought was, "Dang it, my daughter is sick."

Then, the person said "I'm calling from the Grade School." This led to some confusion on my part because Miss Kat isn't in Grade School, she's in Junior High. But, the teacher went on to explain that Miss Kat had scored at the Exemplary level in Reading last spring on the State Standards Test.

The school is wanting to honor those kids who scored that high at a Home Basketball game in February. The kids will be awarded with a framed certificate of achievement and with a T-shirt that will say something like "cost of pencils $20, cost of paper $3, Cost of being Excellent Priceless" (something like don't quote me on anything!) Thus the call, they wanted to know what size shirt to order her.

Isn't that cool? I mean, you call a library, talk to the Library Director, and tell her that her daughter is among the elite of readers! Now that's cool. O yeah, the certificate and the shirt will be nice, but seriously, it's much more cool to call and tell the librarian that her daughter is a good reader! Who'd-a-thunk-it!

I'm so stinkin' proud of her! I'm so glad she's a reader! Now, I just have to keep it a secret. And, you do too! So, Shhhhh.

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