Monday, January 05, 2009


I lost my phone. On New Year's Eve. I lost it in the morning, somewhere in my house. See, Andy went hunting and called me, on my phone. I answered it while standing in the Kitchen.

That's the last time I remember seeing it, in the Kitchen while talking to Andy. Ten minutes after talking to Andy, I looked for it because Miss Kat and I were leaving. I couldn't find it. I had Miss Kat call it, but no ring. We walked through the house, checked coat pockets, and purses, but were never able to find it.

Since then, I have checked every inch of the house. I've looked in the trash, I've looked in the Chicken House. I've looked in the bath tub, in the sink, in all the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, in every drawer, under every bed. I have looked in places that no cell phone should ever be. No phone. Since then, any time anything in our house has been "misplaced", I've assumed that it's with my phone, having some wild party.

So today, I reported it lost, used my insurance, and got a new phone. Unfortunately, I lost all my contacts. Most, I remembered, but some are long gone. Shayon, yours is gone. So, call me! And, if you are feeling singled out, this will make you feel better--I don't know Miss Kat's number either.

I have had a cell phone for 8 years or so, and this is the first time I have ever lost a phone. And, to have to say that I lost it in the Kitchen is just a wee bit humiliating. Where on earth could it have gone? It would be much more entertaining for me to say that I lost it while traipsing through the wilds of SW Kansas. Or, I could say that in the heat of anger, I threw it at my children, hit one of them with it, and was broken by the force of impact. Or, maybe I could say that it was stolen by a rogue chick who wanted to call her mama...

But, I can't say any of those things, cause my phone disappeared in the wilds of my kitchen, on New Years Eve, at 10 in the morning. How boring is that?


m-i-l said...

Just think about the good side of it! Whoops, you have already replaced the phone. But the kids would be unable to call you, and would be forced to call Kevin, when they have their crises. Oh well, you are a mom and that is usually what moms do. I, for one, am glad that you love your kids even when ....... Been there, done that. Your MIL

Shelljo said...

Ha! I found you!