Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car trouble

You know..... I hate cars. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.

On New Year's Eve, we let Andy drive the car to Dodge to go bowling with his girlfriend and other friends. The car is a Volvo and it has the most safety features of any of our vehicles, so we felt better about him being on the road with it.

Unfortunately, some idiot hit the car in the parking lot and then left. Hit and runs are very common in Dodge because there's such a large population of Mexicans who aren't quite legal, and don't have insurance. So, Andy reported the accident to the police (Case #1 in Ford County...isn't that just sweet? Yeah. Right.) Anyway, we've got it scheduled at the body shop, but it's going to cost us $1000, cause that's what our deductible is. I'd be happier if the idiot who hit the car actually had to pay for it...

Then last night. Kev was driving home from Andy's ballgame. About 2 miles from home; he hit a Bobcat. A very short time later, the warning light came on and a message flashed on "Pull the car over immediately and turn off the engine. Low coolant."

Terrific. As he was less than a mile from home, he drove on home, watching the temperature gauge, which didn't budge. But now, we've got more damage and more automobile bills, and we can't even look at it to see what's wrong till this weekend.

At the end of November, we had the diesel worked on. A couple of weeks ago, we had the Ranger worked on. (It was a factory recall, so it didn't cost anything, but still, cost us time and effort.) O yeah, don't forget a few weeks ago when the Diesel gelled up on Andy and we had to have it towed...and, I just remembered the new Battery for the Ranger bought in December.

What's next? Which Automobile is going to break down next? And why does it have to happen in clusters? I know why. It's a conspiracy. Somehow, somewhere, someone decides to make stuff happen to cars.

It's somebody elses turn now, cause I'm trading in all of our cars for a horse and buggy. I'm sick of cars.

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