Monday, January 05, 2009

My Christmas List

How did we do on my real Christmas Wish List?

The Pellet stove: well, we attempted to get it installed. We built a base, got the stove pipe, but then discovered that you can't cut tempered glass. We wanted to run the pipe out of one of our useless French Doors temporarily. So, since we can't cut glass, and therefore can't run pipe through it, we'll have to hope for nice days when we can take out the door and frame that spot in and then install the stove.

The Hoosier: We did get the Hoosier finished. It has legs again after probably 50 years and it has a new latch. It also has a new home. We moved it from the "office" and put it between the living room and dining room. All my china is now in the Hoosier and lit looks really nice in it's new home.

The plumbing: We ran out of time, so the plumbing isn't done. Kev is still researching how to actually do this, so I have hopes that it will get finished.

The Office: The office is clean. It had to be, I had guests who needed to sleep in there. But, all the boxes are now empty. My CM albums all have a home, all my supplies are accessible. I have a table there to sew on and to scrapbook on. Now all I need is motivation to sew and scrapbook again.

The Chicken house: This wasn't on my list, however, we got the electricity run to the chicken house, so I can move the chicks out there soon. They are doing well in their stock tank brooder and are all growing like weeds and are healthy--even the one I tried to kill. (accidentally)

I have to say that I loved the fact that Kev worked so hard with me to get some of these things taken care of. I really enjoy knowing that we've got most of this off the "To Do" list.

But, the best Christmas gift wasn't on any list. It was a surprise.

See, we had Christmas with my folks and with my Aunt Sandy. It was important for Mom and Sandy to be with family for their first holiday without either of their parents. Grandma and Grandpa might not have been there in person, but they were there in spirit. My cousin G and I (mostly G) had put together a photo book in honor of Grandma and Grandpa. Neither Mom nor Sandy looked at them in front of us, but I know they treasure that book.

When we opened gifts, I had one from Sandy. It was a framed collection of Christmas fabric and part of a quilt block. With it was a card that said that Sandy had found this partial quilt block and the fabric in some of Grandma's stuff. She then went on to remind me that Grandma showed her love for us by making things for us, and that this framed block was a reminder of that love.

Whew, that really got to me, and I have hung it up in the office, above my worktable. It will be something that I will treasure for a very long time.

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