Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing with rocks...

This is our wall. Actually, this is the pile of faux rocks we bought to put on our wall. I think I mentioned earlier that we removed the French doors and built a wall. Kev put sheet rock up and we then painted it. We painted it because the stone we chose is a "stacked" stone, and it doesn't have any mortar or grout, so there will be some spots where you can see the wall...if you look real close. And, if you are that close, then don't look!
This next shot is of Kev fitting a row of rock. It was much like a jigsaw puzzle, pick out rock, put them against the wall, see if they line up fairly level, see if everything is covered, check the color, to keep it random. Keep the sizes and shapes random too. It's not that easy to do!
Once we had it all lined up, then we used construction adhesive to attach the stones to the wall. This shot shows Kev testing the "fit" of a rock before gluing it. Now, if you were using these stones on the outside of a house, you'd use mortar and a wire mesh, but since we are working inside, and our area is very small, we chose to just use glue. It works!

Once we finished this row of rock, we then set the pellet stove on the base and hooked it up to the stovepipe showing in this photo. It all worked out really well. We still have more wall to finish, but we'll wait until we get the window in and when we decide on a mantle. We'll put the Mantle in and then work our rock around it. Even though it's not finished, it looks really nice.

The pellet stove has sure been handy this week too, with the cold temperatures, we can run the pellet stove to keep the basement warm and it also helps keep it warmer upstairs. With the pellet stove downstairs, and the fireplace upstairs, we can keep the primary living quarters toasty warm. My bedroom is another story!

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