Monday, January 12, 2009


You know, if Kev and I moved into a brand spanking new house, we'd still find something we wanted to change.

This past weekend, we removed our French Doors from the basement. The doors have always puzzled us. Why were they there? It's a bad view, but there are 2 garage doors, next to them is a single door (white), then a window, then the French doors, then another window. (The French doors are the bigger white spot in this picture.) Why all the doors? They both opened into the same room, so why did we need both? We don't use the French doors at all. In fact, until recently, they were blocked by the couch. And, we decided that where the French doors were located is the best location for the new pellet stove.

So, this weekend's project was the removal of the useless French doors and to build a wall in that space.

Kev and I ran to Dodge on Saturday for lumber and supplies for the project. Yesterday, he removed the doors and built his stud wall. It all went smoothly, and brought some excitement into our world because with a nice big hole in the wall, the outside cats could freely enter the house and explore. The 2 adult chickens were also interested in exploring, but they were more easily kept out of the house than the cats were. Miss Kat and I were kept busy catching and removing cats from the house.

Instead of just closing in the entire area, we decided to put in a long, narrow window that will be above the pellet stove. We had to order it, so Kev temporarily closed in the window opening. It is still January and it gets rather cold at night, so we closed it off with plywood. Tonight, we'll put up the Sheetrock on the inside (over the insulation) and begin finishing the interior wall.

We'll be putting faux stone up behind the pellet stove, giving the area a rustic look. We hope to also add a nice chunky mantel which will be above the stone but below the window. It should make a nice focal point in the basement.

I know this is just the start of our remodeling; cause, we can't seem to live anywhere without remodeling something.

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